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The word paper originates from the Italian word. "bombagia" means cotton, cotton paper, which is the name of our trademark: TM "Bombagia"

The company's history dates back to 2016, when we came up with the idea to produce a quality product at affordable prices. We realized that our main advantage would be price, quality and service. And today it is our core value and pride. Our standard is regular equipment modernization and multi-level quality control. We are a team that respects our customers.

The work is carried out around the clock. The range of cups is 110, 175, 275, 340, 400, and 500 milliliters. Thanks to the experience gained, we have successfully mastered the production of cups for vending. The production facilities allow us to produce double-walled cups with both smooth and corrugated walls.

We use premium paper of various densities and thicknesses, made exclusively from high-quality raw materials directly supplied from the EU. Therefore, our product is 100% environmentally friendly, biodegradable and safe.

The products are widely distributed throughout Ukraine. Our clients include coffee shops, online stores, office centers, shopping malls, airlines and even a football club.

Now the company is expanding its borders to export, which will allow us to become even better and more successful.



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